Cleaning Your Combi Oven is Now Simpler with Combi Clean

A clean and sparkling kitchen is as vital as it gets in the restaurant sector. With the number of equipment, surfaces, and utensils that should be cleaned, it’s an ongoing, tedious, and time-consuming task. That’s why picking the best combi oven cleaner is very important.

Finding for the best combi oven cleaner does not need to be difficult for you. Today, Combi Clean got you covered.

What is Combi Clean?

Combi Clean is a high-performance alkaline cleaner for the eradication of cooking oils and cooking fats from inside steam and convection oven. This product is a 100% efficient oven cleaner, and it can be utilized on hot grills and plates, getting rid of buying two different products.

The best thing about Combi Clean is that it will get rid of the accumulation of oils, fats, and grease, which has been scorched on because of age or heat. This is ideal in the wash cycle of combi machines together with liquid dosing units. What’s more, Combi Clean has less than ten percent potassium hydroxide. It includes specialized surfactants that lower cleaning period, and it makes sure your oven stays clean.

Advantages of Cleaning Your Combi with Combi Clean

  • Food Quality

Did you know that an unclean oven would not spread the heat effectively? Some of the grease and fat might condense into the air where your food is cooked. Mopping up spills as they take place and having your oven cleaned with Combi Clean regularly will surely help to enhance the quality of your food.

  • Safety & Health

Imagine if your combi is dirty. There is a high chance of fat and grease accumulation inside it that could raise the chance of fire. There tend to be lots of bacterial harbored in there too. That doesn’t make a good setting for cooking the food of your customers. Regular deep cleaning of your oven with Combi Clean will get rid of the accumulation of fat and grease. Thus, it will lower the danger of a fire and avoid germs and bacteria.

  • Time-Saving

Unfortunately, cleaning your combi oven isn’t just a 10-minute task. It will take you at least a few hours to clean. But with Combi Clean, you can easily clean your equipment as easy as 1-2-3! Having a clean oven means the heat is distributed uniformly. Thus, it heats up faster, which makes it more efficient.

  • No Awful Smoke or Smells

Dirty ovens filled with carbonized grease will generate awful smell and smoke. They will also be a fire hazard and it won’t operate efficiently. The smell could linger for long hours, even days from cooking a dish. Not to mention the smoke often sets off the fire alarm. To avoid these cases, make sure you grab Combi Clean today.

As mentioned earlier, Combi Clean has less than ten percent potassium hydroxide. It also has specialized surfactants that lowering your entire cleaning task and guarantees your combi oven remains clean and on top condition.

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