Dish Machine Liquid for Efficient Kitchen Care Solutions

Excellent food for your guests starts with a space that is safeguarded, clean, and improved by the most trusted brands within kitchen care. From small pubs to central production kitchens, retail counters to banqueting and catering facilities, Dish Machine Liquid knows your business. It provides kitchen solution that deals with the needs of today’s kitchen machines.

Introducing Dish Machine Liquid

Dish Machine Liquid is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner. It is formulated especially for the cleaning of flatware, glasses, and tableware in automatic dishwashing units. Dish Machine Liquid is composed of a descaling agent that helps to keep your machine glittery clean. Thus, saving you an immense amount of money and time.

Why Use Dish Machine Liquid Today?

Below are some of the reasons why you need to switch to Dish Machine Liquid today to clean your automatic dishwashing units:

  • Efficiency

The best thing about Dish Machine Liquid is that it takes the risk out of loading your dishwasher. You could rest assured you are utilizing the proper amount of detergent liquid requires to leave your dishes with a glowing finish each time.

Excess detergent establishes suds, which could ruin dishwasher components in the long run. It might also need repairs or even replacement. Nonetheless, this dishwashing liquid is created to avoid issues and not to ruin your machine.

  • Versatile Use in Commercial and Domestic Machines

Dish Machine Liquid is an ultra-concentrated, highly alkaline detergent for use in warewashing and dishwashing machines. This product quickly gets rid of the food soils. Thus, it leaves your glasses, flatware, and dishes twinkling clean.

Moreover, this product doesn’t include any type of bleaching agent such as chlorine. It is also packed with descaling agents as well as anti-corrosion agents, keeping your machines and flatware twinkling clean. Dish Machine Liquid is simple on the equipment, and it will wash off surfaces effortlessly.

  • All-Purpose Dishwashing Liquid

Dish Machine Liquid is an all-purpose dishwashing formula along with a strengthened grease cutting power and anti-bacterial properties for more efficient and quicker removal of oils, fats, and grease in pots, dishes, and other kitchen utensils.

This dishwashing liquid is utilized in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, household kitchens, industrial settings, and in commercial establishments like motels, hotels, restaurants, and so much more.

How to Use Dish Machine Liquid?

Using Dish Machine Liquid is as simple as you think. For best outcomes, use in combination with an automatic dispenser. If your dish machine unit isn’t fortified with an automatic dispenser, then it might be hand dosed.

For the initial, fill ½ cup per ten liters of water into your wash tank. Then to maintain, add 1 tablespoon of liquid of each three washes. For best outcomes, make sure the tank is deflated and washed at the end of every shift.

This Dish Machine Liquid cut through grease and it eliminates bad smell efficiently in one wash. That offer you with a squeaky-clean and unrestricted from stink dishes, keeping the best standard with each wash.

If you are ready to use Dish Machine Liquid today, click here!

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