Bug & Bird Poo Remover



The safe way to quickly remove bird droppings!

Remove bugs and bird poo quickly to avoid damaging your ceramic coating and subsequently your paintwork. Bugs and bird poo contain corrosive acids that will damage your paint if allowed to remain. Scrubbing to remove them can scratch your paint. The best way to remove them safely is to use a specially formulated remover that can break down and dissolve these contaminants, allowing you to wipe them off effortlessly.

Ferrari Cleaning Products Bug & Bird Poo Remover is a special blend of water soluble solvent and surfactants which soften and break down bug & bird poo splatter without affecting your ceramic coating, clear coat & paint.


  • Biodegradable and water soluble
  • Odourless and non-flammable
  • Fast acting to loosen & remove contaminants
  • Works on paint & glass
  • Easy rinse product



Spray directly onto contamination, soaking thoroughly

Leave for 30 – 60 seconds, depending on age

Rinse off with high pressure or hose

Wipe area with soft microfibre

Repeat if required

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