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The only All Purpose Cleaner you need for every surface!

Crown X brings new meaning to the word “versatile.” Crown X is ideal for the removal of body fats and soap scum from showers. Ideal for the removal of cooking grease from food preparation areas.
Crown X is ideal for cleaning tiles, ceramics, enamel, painted surfaces, concrete floors and more.
In automotive applications it is an aggressive, grease-cutting cleaner for engine compartments. Cleaning wheels, a bug remover for paint, leather cleaner, plastic and vinyl cleaner. Dilute Crown X All-Purpose Cleaner to clean anything.
It’s the only All Purpose Cleaner you need! SEE CROWN-X IN ACTION HERE

Safe on carpet, finished leather, vinyl, sensitive fabrics, and plastics. Brilliant at stain removal in laundry!
Think of all the materials that make up your cleaning requirements. Metal, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, ceramics, tiles, concrete floors and more.
Now think of all the different cleaners available for each surface. There are a lot, right? You could try them all or you could buy Crown X All-Purpose Cleaner. It works on all those surfaces and you have the power to adjust the dilution ratio as needed.
How can one product perform so well on food preparation areas, engine parts and leather upholstery? Manufactured with advanced proprietary cleaning technology, Crown X is safe on all surfaces and the environment.
You’ll find countless uses for detailing and general cleaning.
Removes dirt, oil, grease, insects, tar, brake dust, food stains, and more.
All-Purpose Cleaner is the only cleaner you need, no matter what you’re cleaning.
Environmentally friendly.

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