Glass Cleaner



For glass so clear, you’ll turn heads.

Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner is a powerful glass cleaner that will gently remove dirt, debris and smoker’s film from your glass, leaving only a crystal clear finish behind. Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner is perfect for any glass surface – car windows, or your bathroom mirror, even sunglasses, each surface will be left with a completely clean and clear finish.

Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner is ammonia free, it is perfectly safe on tinted windows.

While your paint’s finish has a large part in your overall appearance, smudged and dirty glass certainly won’t be adding to the overall result. Having a superior glass cleaner in is a must and Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Clearly fits the bill.

Thanks to the specialized formula in Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner, it makes quick work of any glass cleaning – especially heavily fogged windows. In fact, we’ve yet to use a glass cleaner that is better equipped to remove “Smokers Film” – the residue left on windows and windshields when someone smokes inside the vehicle. Smokers Film is notoriously oily and vision-impairing, especially when allowed to compound over time.

One of the most important qualities in a glass cleaner is that it be streak free. You don’t want to spend hours detailing your car, only to find out your harsh glass cleaner leaves behind massive streaks. While a large part of a streak-free finish is the glass towels you use, having a good quality glass cleaner is important too – and the streak-free formula of Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner simply cannot be beat.

* Pro Tip – Be sure to have plenty of Waffle Weave Glass Towels on hand – using the same towel leads to cross-contamination and can cause more harm than good.

1. Spray Ferrari Cleaning Products Glass Cleaner directly onto the glass surface in an even layer.

*When cleaning interior glass, be sure to spray cleaner onto your towels before cleaning; NOT directly onto glass.

2. Using your Waffle Weave Glass Towel, spread the cleaner over the glass to clean the surface.

3. For the final wipe, flip your Waffle Weave Glass Towel to a clean, dry side and, using a side to side direction, buff the remaining cleaner away.